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What do we do ?

Here are listed some of our super powers

App Development

We help project holders to achieve their goals by developing great apps

Creating our own super apps

As a mobile app studio, we also create our own stunning apps

Design UI/UX

We are experts designing apps and websites with the best practices and design trends.


Football Quiz

500K+ downloads
Based on an incredible design of football players in a minimalist and colorful style, our app is updated each week with brand new quizzes!


Movie Quiz

Look at the picture and try to recognize the movie or TV Show represented. A fun and social game to test your movie culture and challenge your friends.


Finger Flash

Finger flash offers you an amazing game experience and allow you to challenge your friends and family.


Fut Generator

100K+ downloads
Create your Custom Card with FUT Team Card Generator!


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Meet our team

Folks behind the code


"It's gonna be huuuuge!"

Simon runs the studio. He finds cool apps ideas and get it done in the best way possible. Football and pizza fan.

Simon RAM - Studio Manager

"Isn't it lunch time?"

Benjamin handles the marketing stuff. He's Simon's sidekick and a video games addict.

Benjamin NAMAN - Marketing Manager

“It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.”

Simon's favorite sentence after an app release